The Science of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is one of the most widely researched molecules in cardiovascular health, and in 1998 a Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for their discoveries concerning ‘nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system’.

Nitric Oxide Science

Nitric Oxide is naturally made in your body but as you age you produce less of it. This is primarily due to free radical damage, inactivity, and poor diet, causing our veins and arteries to deteriorate over time. Increasing your Nitric Oxide levels through diet and supplementation can help increase your energy, vitality and may help maintain normal healthy blood pressure levels*.

The Berkeley Life formulation was developed following in-depth work by our R&D Team to aggregate the most well-regarded clinical trials in the area of nitric oxide. These studies primarily looked at the benefits of nitric oxide therapy in treating blood pressure and endothelial function. 

What our research uncovered was that dietary nitrates are the optimal way to maintain nitric oxide levels with age. These nitrates can be consumed through a leafy green diet, rich with spinach, arugula, beets and bok choy, or by supplementing with a nitrate rich product like Berkeley Life. Our formulation is designed to mimic the plant-based bioequivalents of the DASH or Mediterranean Diets with each dose equivalent to 5ozs of spinach or 7ozs of beets.

Soon after Berkeley Life launched, we partnered with the Team at LA Biomed and the world-renowned Cardiologist Dr. Matthew Budoff on our own research which looked that the potential benefits of Berkeley Life on blood pressure levels and endothelial function. The findings of this research were presented at the American College of Cardiology Conference in 2019 and are summarized in the graph below.

Quote from Dr. Budoff: “Inorganic NO3 supplementation {Berkeley Life} has the potential to be used to complement anti-hypertensive therapies, including plant-based dietary approaches, for blood pressure control.”


*2019;Acute and Sustained Effects of Plant-based Bioequivalent Inorganic Nitrate Supplement Tablets on Blood Pressure Reduction in Pre-hypertensives Men and Women; Lavanya Cherukuri, MD.; Chandana Shekar, MD.; Dong Li, PhD.; Divya Birudaraju, MD.; Sajad Hamal, MS.; Ferdinand Flores, BSN,;  Sion Roy, MD.; William Sotka, MA.; Shawn J. Green, PhD.; Matthew Budoff, MD. Los Angeles Institute of Biomedical Research at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, Torrance, CA

Watch the below video or download our clinical poster to learn more about nitric oxide and how it can benefit your cardiovascular health.